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Descent To The Peak

The Team: Team Indigo

Descent to the Peak is a 2D platformer where Joe, his brother and a couple friends become the first to scale Mount Indigo but it comes at a cost.

My Role: Art & Visuals Director

Game Project: Descent to the Peak

Screenshot 2021-11-25 115421.png
Screenshot 2021-11-25 115333.png
Screenshot 2021-11-25 115253.png
Screenshot 2021-11-25 115051.png
Screenshot 2021-11-25 115012.png

Art Direction

The art direction for this game was set in stone very early on. All the art would maintain their sketchy, "draft" lines to give a scribble effect to them. Additionally, most joints or corners in characters or objects were made extremely sharp and protruding for an uneasy effect.

This was decided because it accentuates the theme of insanity in the game and tying a games art style to it's narrative and theme can create very unique, coherent experiences.


Art inspiration (not my work) 


Early major asset

Crazy Visual Effects

The special, insanity inspired VFX in this game were made through variable alterations in Unity Engine's animator. Being controlled by the animator allowed for mass modularity and ease of creation with these VFX. As a little bonus, Unity's animator ignored the slider max of the post processing effects, allowing for some extremely crazy visuals.

This also required us to place a photosensitivity warning when the game opens.

Screenshot 2021-11-25 115253.png
Screenshot 2021-11-25 114555.png

This also required us to place a photsensitvity warning when the game opens.

Screenshot 2021-11-25 115142.png

Lessons Learned

Unfortunately this art style did not come through as much as the team would have liked. The zoomed out screen and fine, sketchy details did not mix well and caused the sketchiness to be very hard to see. It still remains in all art but can be seen much clearer in certain objects.

Screenshot 2021-11-25 115051.png

The art style can be seen much easier in the background, tree and tents than the ground and roof tiles.

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