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Art Projects


Game Art Projects

Over time I have gathered a mass of visual projects both small and large to test, refine and showcase my skills as a 3D artist.


Art Project : Kill Case

The Kill case is a must have for all eccentric assassins who kill discreetly. With an array of toxins and gadgets, no one will see you coming... or leaving.
This was the first major project I completed and marked the beginning of my journey in rendering, understanding lighting and honing my modelling skills.

The process

The case, and all its contents were made with poly modelling in Maya. Each object had its topology handled efficiently to maximise cleanliness and maintain a sufficient poly count. texturing was done in Substance painter and was rendered using Renderman.

Art Project : Garden Shop

Along a rundown, neglected street sits a rather charming garden shop. Selling plants, pots and everything in between, the shop brings much needed foot traffic down the otherwise mundane road. Many stop by just to breathe in the pleasantries of the aromatic shopfront.

The process

The whole scene was modelled in Maya using a range of techniques including a high to low workflow. Textured in Substance painter, and rendered using Renderman, this environment solidified my confidence and understanding of Substance painter and introduced me to volumetric lighting within Renderman.

Art Project : Gecko Hunter

Amongst a the scattered remains of ruined, medieval outpost, a lone Geckonian hunter practices their archery skills. The scrawled rubble of a once sturdy, stone outpost are now overgrown with ferns, ivy and unkempt grass, shadowed by the encroaching springtime trees.

The process

Each environment asset was created in Maya and textured in Substance painter. The trees were a great learning experience being made using Maya's MASH. The leaf textures were baked from a high poly MASH created leaf set to create an illusion of depth in the leaves. The character was greyboxed in Maya then taken into Zbrush and refined before being re-topologised in Maya and baked down in Substance painter.


Art Project : Plant Composition

This plant was made to test my ability to create a realistic 3D model and match it to a real image. This composition project allowed me to explore newer areas of 3D art. By using zBrush I was able to create an array of high poly, detailed models that were baked onto the rendered low poly meshes. I also used Mash in Maya to created each grain of dirt for added realism. This was the first project I tested subsurface light properties and was able to create much more detailed and realistic foliage.

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